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Aug 10


Your skin will be then doubled-cleaned and exfoliated, before the first mask is applied. The double cleansing assists with the absorption of the treatment, while the exfoliation removes the dead skin cells to provide a clean slate for the following masks. 

You will receive a scalp and head massage during the first mask, to help you relax during the beautification process. 

The secondary mask will consist of a purifying and hydrating clay mask, complimenting the first mask. 

As the client lies comfortably on their back with eyeshades, we will gently slide the mask over the client's head, preparing to set the mask in place. Once the mask is set, the client can breathe easily through the nose, and we will continue to massage the scalp with the client's favorite massage oil. While the mask hardens, the client will feel their scalp gently massaged, and their mind will begin to unwind. After the mask is removed and the client's hair is massaged, they will feel like a new person, relaxed and ready to face the rest of the day.

The final step will be the application of serums and moisturizers from EvenSkin, which are personally selected based on your unique skin care requirements, with a rose quartz roller used to amplify the absorption into the dermal layers. 


It’s important that you don’t forget to moisturise! Sun exposure can really dry out your skin, and you'll want to give it the best care possible to have the smoothest and healthiest skin possible! To do that, you should always apply sunscreen before you leave the house (even on cloudy days!). If you're already using a product that contains retinol or retinoids, you'll want to be extra careful and avoid direct sunlight, because your skin is already extra sensitive to UV rays.
This is a good place to start, but not the end-all-be-all of explanations. 



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